Tuesday, November 26, 2013

No, I didn't fall into a coma.

Hey. Long time, no post.

When I started this blog, my youngest was a baby, we were broke all the time, I couldn't afford a real hobby, and I was desperate for something to do that wasn't going make me crazy-er and didn't involve neglecting my kids.  In many ways, blogging helped me to find the adult conversation I was craving for, or a facsimile thereof.  (My husband was working the graveyard shift and sleeping during the day, so he couldn't help me in the that regard).

It's been over five years.  My "baby" is in second grade.  My oldest is already thinking about the Junior Prom in the spring. We've moved twice and my husband has had three different jobs.  Instead being awakened at night by a toddler with night terrors, I wake up to my bladder telling me, "I can't get through the night anymore" and then my brain won't shut off when I get back to bed (Bad brain, BAD!)

I've been a stay at home mom for a little over thirteen years.  I'd like to be a stay at home mom for a few more years, but things have been creeping up on us.  Like the sixteen year old who would probably like to drive soon, but there's still the matter of more driving hours she needs to do but I don't have the gas money for.  And when she does get the hours, how to pay for the extra car insurance premiums.  She tried looking for a job last summer but kept getting told, "We only hire people 18 years old or more." Hmmm.

And there's the truck payment we had to take on this summer so we could have a vehicle that could take our whole family instead of always taking two vehicles.

And the credit card that never went away.  We were doing really good getting it down.  We were within spitting distance of clearing it up. Then there was some medical stuff to pay for, and car repairs to pay for, and ... hoo..boy.

So, it was time to start looking for work.

I have applied to be a caretaker of vending machines - that job got canceled.

I have applied to be a staff person at a residential treatment center - interviewed but didn't get the job and that was fine because I found out they wanted people during the times I had to be home.

I have applied to be a part-time art teacher at an elementary school - interviewed but haven't heard back from them yet.

So, I continue to look and wonder where my life is going to steer me next.  It's kind of scary, kind of exciting, kind of different. 

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