Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer days #80 and 81 - Slowly digging out

It's the boys turn for deep cleaning!  It's a different world in there. Instead of papers in boxes, papers are on the walls.  Toys and gadgets are in boxes. Fewer stuffed animals but more action figures.

Sorting clothes is different with them too.  The older brother will just chuck clothes he can't wear any more at his younger brother.  The problem is, the younger brother is so much younger that most of the clothes that are handed down to him don't fit him yet, so they have to go in a separate box. Otherwise, the younger brother's chest of drawers fills to bursting.

Tomorrow we get to do the the before school eye exams.  Everyone in our family needs corrective lenses in one form or other.  Yeah, not fun.  This last year the kids have been rough on their glasses.  That's what I get for buying the "discontinued" frames in an effort to save money.

On the other side of the mountain west of us is a forest fire.  Well, it's a fire, I don't know that there's actually a forest over there - mostly weeds and sagebrush.  The smoke plume was quite thick yesterday.  Today it's hazy and the air smells flinty.  Hopefully the fire fighters are getting it under control.

Just a week and the kids are back in school!

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