Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer Days #78 and 79 and we're in it up to our necks

You would think summer is for having fun. Well sometimes, but sometimes its for getting things straightened out before another nine months of homework.

Yesterday was nothing but errands and grocery shopping. Blah.  And it didn't help that among those errands were (a) rescuing my husband by towing his commuter vehicle 30 miles back home when it died, (b) purchasing parts for said near-dead vehicle.  Now that we have a car payment on the truck, we have to nurse this one along until the loan is paid off.  It's still worth saving because it gets much better gas mileage and my husband commutes over an hour to work each day, and then of course over an hour back.  Somebody invent me a transporter, STAT!

Today, we're digging out the girls room.  I tried to make things simpler by having them spread out their clothes in the living room so it was easier to sort it all out.  Clothes that don't fit but are clean and sound - donation pile; clothes with holes, rips, tears, paint stains, mystery stains - garbage; clothes that are fit to be seen in public in, folded and put away.

We still have other issues of course, like PAPER! Notebooks, old composition books, school certificates, old homework, just scads and scads of paper. I don't know about you, but on the last day of school I would just empty out my backpack into the garbage can when I got home if I didn't throw it away at school during the cleanup. 

And then there are the knickknacks, mementos, souvenirs from relatives, birthday party presents....aaaaaagh! 

Then the stuff that I just don't get because I was never a girly girl - the smelly nail polish collection. Even if I could stand to have paint on my nails, I think I would be the type of person that would only have maybe two, three colors tops.  My girls have a veritable rainbow of choices.  One daughter loves to have a different color on each finger.  I don't say anything because I figure it isn't permanent and it's not something I would care about anyway.  I know other moms that would probably cringe if their daughter's nails weren't perfectly color coordinated with their outfits.  I do insist that they never wear paisley and prints together and plaid is definitely forbidden unless it's on pajamas, where you are in the dark and it's hard to see.  I don't have a hatred of plaid, I just think it belongs on kilts and stadium blankets and sleeping bag linings only.

I'm seriously thinking that any birthday parties in the future should be fundraisers for charity just so I don't have to have more stuff coming in the house.

Okay, I've had my break.  It's time to remind the girls to keep putting stuff in garbage bags.  I hope I come out of this before Monday.  That's the day I think I may have to intervene with the boys' room.

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