Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Summer Days #75 and 76 - School is coming

The kids are all registered, just one more fee to pay.  Yeah right, you know there will always be "one more".

Our school district wanted everyone to register online this year.  That's okay because even though I'm still repeatedly entering some of the same info for four kids, other repetitive parts are done for me.  Unfortunately, I misread or misunderstood one page that was mailed to us saying that we shouldn't pay the fees online without checking their schedules first.  I didn't realize I could see the schedule.  The kids always got it after they paid their fees when I did it in person last year.  So I finally found out how to see their schedules after paying the stupid fees.  There was a hole that needed to be fixed.

Turns out that a couple of the classes my older daughter signed up for never got off the ground because the teacher who was going to teach them "left the school".  That was a little cryptic to me.  "Left?"  Does that mean the teacher found a better job somewhere else?  Or that the teacher was fired or laid-off?  Or the teacher retired?  Or died? (Hey, it happens.)  So, bottom line, those classes didn't exist.  ERGH!  They were elective classes that actually would have helped her in a future career she has in mind.

So, we got the "hole" plugged, but of course the "plug" is a fee class.  Like I hadn't paid enough already.

It could have been worse though.  I had a dentist put a filling in that morning.  I was still numb when we went to the school to work the scheduling problem out.  I'm lucky I didn't start drooling there on the counselor's counter.  Desk?  It's a desk thing with a high counter so the employee sits and looks up at the people they are helping.  So I'm looking at her over her computer screen kind of thing?  Who thought that up anyway?  Making the people being helped stand and wait while the person in the chair goes slowly through each page on the computer seems a little sadistic. 


We only had two Cub Scouts show up for our little neighborhood hike/pick up trash service project.  That's okay though.  It's summer and lots of folks are on vacation getting the last little bit of fun out of summer or going to see the dentist before school starts.  My kids are always doing dentist visits during the school year.  It's just how the six month appointment worked out.

We picked up quite a bit of garbage.  Our rural streets have a lot of weeds along the edges so you don't always see the trash that gets blown there unless you are right on top of it.  We need to work on one Cub Scout though.  He stopped to pull a sunflower from the side of the road for his mom, and left his gloves there where he picked it.  We had to remind him that we were practicing Leave No Trace and trying to pick up garbage and not leave garbage behind.  I know, they're eight year olds, they aren't going to get it right all the time.

I'm tired.

Now I need to check on a couple of kids.  Have a good nap, er, day.

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