Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer Day #84 - Hot, hot, hot

The fire has reached the top of the mountain.
The date stamp is off, actually taken on the 14th.  You can just see the orange flames on top.
The wind in this picture is blowing to the east.  Today, the smoke is blowing to the north along the mountain range. We're still seeing a little ash come down, but not as much and the smoke isn't right over us.

We have higher than normal temperatures today and tomorrow and more wind will be blowing in - just right for keeping the fires blazing and the firefighters sweating.

That yellow thing at the bottom is our wheelbarrow.

Today was an errand day.  We donated clothing to Deseret Industries, we donated books to our local library, we bought the last few things for the younger kids' school supply lists and bought more ant bait for our kitchen ant invasion.  I've tried several different commercial and homemade ant baits and we still get them. 

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