Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer day #82 - Hallelujah!

I've complained about the way math classes are handled at our local school before.

I thought you'd like to know the last bit of the saga that has been "Credit Recovery".

My daughter had to complete a packet of homework this summer to make up an incomplete in math last school year.  She was supposed to do the work, turn it in, and take a test that covered the material.  She had to pass with 80% or more.  Sounds reasonable right?

Well the teachers overseeing the Credit Recovery class, once a week through most of the summer months, were NOT certified math teachers.  So they were not able to help my daughter when she got stuck.

Okay, fine.  We had a neighbor, a former high school math teacher, who was willing to help her out a few times.

We also found some great youtube videos that actually explained things in a way that even I could understand.  That was awesome.

So a couple of weeks ago she took her first shot at the test....and got 53%.  My daughter's high school counselor had said that the kids who don't pass their tests get to see which problems they got wrong so they can study again and retake the test.  That's what I was expecting.  I was wrong.

The test was multiple choice.  She brought her answer sheet home, but the problems she got wrong were not marked.  Since we didn't have an example of the problems she got incorrect on the test, I figured we would look at the packet - the sheets with all the homework problems - because at least the packet had examples of how to work the problems.  The teacher had TAKEN THE PACKET BACK.  So we had an answer sheet with just random letters on it, no clue as to what she needed to work on.  All she had to study for the second test was the notes I had helped her write out when she was working on the homework, and a few links to the youtube videos she had seen the last few weeks.  She did have her homework that she completed, but the teacher did not correct those pages so we still didn't know what kind of problems were giving her trouble.

My husband and I were almost at wits end.  Last night we were wondering, "What happens if she doesn't pass this time? School starts next week and she won't have a chance to take it again."  Neither of us were feeling very charitable toward any of the teachers that she had worked with.  It wasn't the credit recovery teachers' fault that they were hired to babysit a multiple of students working on multiple subjects.  Our daughter has not liked math for a long time and we've had the hardest time getting her to work on it during school.  So my husband and I were just stewing wondering how we were going to help her with math THIS year if she still had a test for the LAST year hanging over her head.

She did some cramming yesterday. I prayed for her. I advised her to pray for help too because at this point, with little feedback as to what to study, it was going to take a MIRACLE for her to pass.

I dropped her off at her last credit recovery class this morning.  I had to help my son with junior high registration so I drug him along and we did that while she took her test. When my son and I were done with his school stuff, I went back to check on my daughter.

She had finished her test when I walked in the room and she was playing with the teacher's toddler.  The teacher was getting his own room prepped apparently.  I had my daughter bring the toddler and the answer sheet and we went looking for the teacher so he could correct it and then I would have to decide if I needed to go into "Mama Bear" mode.

We found him.  He had more of his kids in his room.  Probably a good thing.  I was feeling grouchy and it was a little easier to keep calm knowing I shouldn't scare the little ones.  My daughter held his little baby while he corrected the test and I held my tongue waiting for the result.

SHE PASSED! (Praise the Lord! I mean it too, He definitely had mercy on us.)

"Yup, she studied the right stuff this time" the teacher chuckled.

I was too relieved at that moment to give him the snarky remark I wanted to give him.  (No thanks to you buster!)

I made sure he had her summer homework and the packet CD and everything else he needed for the paperwork.

Holy Cow.

As we got back to the neighbor's car we had borrowed (that's another long story for another time) I told my daughter, "Now we know how you need to study to pass math.  DON'T do this again."

She agreed she had better things to do with her summer next year - like, get a job.

Amen to that!

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Pam said...

Wow Heavenly Father has come through for me many times this year! Thank HEAVENS we are on his side and know how to depend on him for help.
CONGRATS to Jessie