Thursday, August 8, 2013

Summer Day #77 School is coming closer... and getting farther away

I had to pay one more fee for my high school teen's schedule.  The line for those "changing schedules" was long and each person in front of me apparently had a BILLION things to fix.  I sent the high school teen with the junior high school teen to go get the new locker number/combination while I stood in line.

A high school senior stood in front of me in line. He spent the time talking over my shoulder to the high school senior behind me.  They discussed class changes, complaining how they "had to have x class to graduate" and couldn't take the classes they really wanted.  The kid ahead of me groaned over giving up creative writing, literature number something or other and FILM.  Seriously, he said it like it was Nirvana.

They talked about zombie movies, horror movies, and who the knew Dr. Who was going to be come December.  I almost laughed out loud because I remember being in high school and listening to my Dr. Who fan friends who were discussing the same subject some twenty plus years ago.  A big congratulations to the Dr. Who franchise for bridging the generation gap!

And then the kid in front of me was talking about the Red Dawn remake that came out a while ago.  I couldn't shut up.  "Have you seen the original Red Dawn?"

"No, but I'm working on that." he said.

"Much better movie."  I opined.

"Oh really?" with a what-does-this-old-lady-know tone of voice.

That did it.  "Yeah, both principals die."


"Yeah, the little brother doesn't survive to continue his brother's legacy.  They both die.  It was touching."

"Whoa, spoiler."

I grinned as his mom finally got up to the head of the line and he said goodbye to his friend who decided to ditch our line and go to another one.  I was finally delivered from teen talk, or so I thought because my children came back to me at that point.  My daughter had found her new locker AND had her yearbook picture taken in the time that I had been waiting. 

I am sooooo glad I'm not in high school anymore. 

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