Friday, August 9, 2013

Friday Movie Night: A thought about Scouting's Duty to God

As a Cub Scout Den Leader, I try to help my scouts to not only earn their rank advancements, but I also try to help them earn other awards that I think can help them grow into responsible citizens.  The Leave No Trace Award helps them to learn respect for the outdoor environment when having fun doing recreational activities.  The World Conservation award helps them to learn respect for their global environment.

One other award I try to help the scouts earn is the Duty to God Religious Emblems knot.  Every religious charter organization has their own requirements and awards.  Some award a medal, some award the knot patch, it just depends on the organization.  My charter organization is an LDS ward so our Religious Emblems requirements reflect LDS values.  I always let the parents know that this is not a required award - if they feel uncomfortable with religious subjects, I defer to the parents' preferences.  I let them know when we work on the requirements in den meeting and if they don't want their son to participate, they can choose to keep him home that day.  I don't do all the requirements with them - I feel that the parents should take charge of their children's religious training.  The award becomes more meaningful when the parents are involved.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has been a charter organization with the Boy Scouts of America for 100 years.  The Church wants to celebrate that partnership and continue to emphasize a Scout's Duty to God.  I agree.

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