Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer days #50 - #53

Summer vacation is more than half way over.  Good and bad.  Good that it means the kids will be in school sooner, bad in that the kids will be in school sooner.  Good - time to myself and the house stays clean longer. Bad - school registration fees.  Good - fewer dishes at lunchtime.  Bad - fewer helpers to get chores done.

The sifting continues although I think we're more than halfway through the mountain we dug up.  We'll see if that gets us enough small pea gravel to line our trench.

I have sunflowers blooming!  The package wasn't kidding when it said they can grow to six feet tall.

I have corn stalks and pumpkin plants and bean sprouts up. Hopefully by the end of August we'll have corn and green beans to eat and pumpkins getting fat for Halloween.

Three kids are out with friends. The last one is home trying to figure out math.  (Watch me slam my head against the wall.)  We're calling in the cavalry today - getting help from a former math teacher.  I hate to call her a lot but sometimes I just can't figure out where to find a good example to show my kid.  The packet that was given to us has examples but they don't show every step - they assume you know what the hidden steps are.

I should have taken more math in college.

Laundry today.  Lots and lots of laundry because we work in lots and lots of dirt. 

I'm sounding pretty repetitive aren't I?  At least I'm sincerely repetitive.  I'm completely honest about my didaction. Perfectly purposeful in my pattern.

Have a good day now and come back again. Buh-bye!

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Andy said...

I sure had trouble with math. Uncle Merrill got pretty impatient with me at times. He WASN'T a teacher but good at math. Sending a rocket into space means he was pretty good.