Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Day #68

Another day not working on the yard.

Today was the DMV day.

Safety inspection on the new truck, check. 

Insurance on the new truck, not check. Agent out of the office today as per voice mail.  Went to her office thinking somebody should be there to cover and can help me out.  Found different company there.  Called hubby to have him look up where the new location was.  Found it but no one there.  Apparently she's a one-woman show now. DARN!  Will have to wait until tomorrow when she's back in the office. 

DMV business, check.

Bank business, not check.  Was halfway home when I realized I should have visited the bank.  Didn't want to turn around.

Typed up lists for the kids to follow when packing to go camping later this week, check.

Laundry.....oh yeah, gotta do that.

Looked up some Arrow of Light ceremonies for our cubmaster who has never done one before, check.

Got asked to help with church fall festival in October.  I said I would.  Why did I do that?

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