Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Day #67 - Driving off into the sunset

We sold a Jeep a couple days ago.  We bought a truck today.  Tomorrow I get to do all the inspection/insurance/dmv business - oh joy!

It's amazing how many pieces of paper people want from you.

Proof of residency.  How about a hunting license?  Yeah, they took it.  They took it because they figured a man thinks of his hunting priveleges so highly that he would NEVER lie about his address when purchasing a license.  My husband wouldn't lie about that anyway, hunting license or no, but it's an interesting concept nonetheless.

We'll take the truck camping this weekend.  It went camping with its previous owner last weekend.  Yes it's scratched a bit - fine by me, I won't worry about scratching it myself.

No yard work today - too many errands this morning and it rained off and on all day. 

No yard work tomorrow - too many errands tomorrow morning and have no clue about the weather.

Night, night!

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