Saturday, July 27, 2013

Summer Day #65

It has been overcast today, just a few sprinkles here and there.  We had planned on renting a mini-excavator to place our big rocks in our trench and finally be done with the wall building.

We were at the hardware store early so we could get the machine as soon as it opened.  Well, the cashier didn't get there on time, five minutes late in fact.  Then it was another ten or fifteen minutes before she actually turned on the lights and unlocked the doors.  Then another ten of fifteen to get the keys, get the trailer hooked up and be on our way.

A friend was going to help us operate the machine - he's done it many times for his job.  My husband is very capable and has run other heavy equipment so we didn't think it would take long for him to watch and learn.  Unfortunately, once we had the machine unloaded and actually in our backyard we found that the throttle was just idling - it wouldn't open up to get more power to the hydraulics.  The claw couldn't hold onto the first rock, the arm wouldn't curl properly and when the rock actually came off the ground a little, the back end of the machine lifted a little too. 

My husband and his friend tried to increase the throttle - they checked every button, valve, electrical line, hose - they couldn't figure out why it was sooooo wimpy.

When you're paying good money, and by that I mean more than pocket change or petty cash, you want what you're paying for to work as advertised, and it sure wasn't.  We took it back.

We hadn't even had the machine in operation for twenty minutes and it took forty going to and from our house.  We offered to pay for an hour's time but thankfully, they understood that you can't charge someone when the machine didn't perform.  They refunded our money and we went home disappointed and maybe a tad irked.

I guess I needed to clean the inside of the house anyway.

We will try again next month when our friend has time to help us.  We're going to go through a different company next time and we'll get a bigger machine.  So my goal to get the wall done before school won't happen.  Better to wait and do the job right and in a safe manner for man and machine.

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