Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Day #63 and #64 Pump up the Volume

We're still out working in the yard in the mornings.  Now, there is a radio on the porch the kids listen to while they moan and complain and sift dirt and sorta kinda maybe try to pull weeds.  I try not to let them turn the radio up so loud that I can hear the music echoing off the neighbor's house.  I haven't listened to the radio so much since the early 90's.

For a while, they were listening to MP3 players while working but their earbuds would pop out, or I would be giving them instructions and finding them ignoring me more than usual.  Then I would have to adjust my volume.... HEY, YOU!  LIFT THE THING HIGHER!

Vacant stare.

HEY!  (Insert name of incorrect child, who asks, "What?" making it necessary for me to say, "No, not you, him!")

So yeah, the radio out on the porch was the lesser of two evils. I still have to yell to get their attention but I have a better chance and outyelling the radio than an MP3 player.

Yes, before you ask, I DID have a Sony Walkman when I was a teen, and yes it was often blasting my own favorite tunes when I was doing the repetitive, boring stuff.  Where my kids MP3 players can fit in a pocket, I had to hook my Walkman on my belt and it had an annoying knack for catching on doorframes.  It would fall to the ground, yank the headphones off my head and I would be choking back cusswords because that thing was a bit spendy for my minimum wage job.  I had a really nice Walkman, though.  It had a little clip on microphone and a record feature.  I took it to college classes to try to record lectures, but only my questions came out clear, the lecturer was muffled.

These days I'm finding my hearing is a little muffled.  If the kids say something to me without my looking right at them, the words get all fouled up.  Kind of like the phrase, "we believe in being chaste, benevolent, etc.." turning into "We believe in being chased by an elephant".  The kids are amazed at how my ears mangle what they say.  I'm amazed at what I THINK I hear.  More than once I've just about boxed their ears when I thought they said something naughty but I was mistaken because I didn't hear right.

Anyway, I think it's funny when the radio station we listen to will play an older song from a previous, ahem!, decade, and I'll sing along and my younger daughter will say, "You know it's an old song if Mom knows all the words."  The nerve!  Just you wait my little pretty, just you wait.

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