Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Day #62 Say What: Speaking in tongues?

I didn't have Cub Scouts today because there was a state holiday.  I'm not having Cub Scouts next week because I'm going to go camping with my family.

Today, my kids and I finished getting our trench ready for the boulders we have scattered in our yard.  I arranged to rent a mini-excavator on the weekend and we will put those babies to bed!  This may be the one major project we do this summer but, whoa, what a long project.  Maybe next summer we'll get some lawn in.

So, the other day, my seven year old son exclaimed, "Ow! That hurted me!"  I don't know if he did something accidentally or if one of his siblings whapped him or what.

My husband had to correct his grammar.  "You say, 'That hurt me', not 'hurted'."

The boy said, "I don't want to speak your languages!"

My husband muttered, "Your great-grandmother is rolling in her grave each time to say something like that."

Yes, my husband's grandmother was a teacher a long time ago.  So was one of my grandmothers in fact, so he could have meant either one of them.

Don't worry, I speak seven year old.  And 11 year old.  And a bit of 13 year old with boy dialect.  16 year old girl dialect is a little harder but we manage to let each other know where the chocolate chips are although she still doesn't understand when I say, "Take a quick shower."  Some words are just incomprehensible, it appears.

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