Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Day #61

It's a library day.  I love it when I find DVDs that I've been wanting to see for a while.  I don't have Netflix, we only occasionally do the Red Box thing, and we don't do cable/satellite/dish.  I just hate paying for t.v.

The kids checked out Hotel Transylvania.  It's pretty goofy. A traditional vampire, of course Dracula, has a daughter that has never seen humans and she falls in love with a transient, forever student type.  Hey, it's better than Twilight.

Actually I saw the original 1931 movie Dracula a couple of weeks ago, both the English and Spanish versions - same sets, different casts.  I'd seen Bela Lugosi reprise his vampire role in later movies but this was the first time I had seen the first incarnation - almost campy by today's standards but there was no mistaking that Dracula is supposed to be a bad guy.  He looked plenty creepy - not horror movie creepy, the creepy that you don't want to meet at a party.

Seems like these days vampires are more vampy than horrific, (for you younger folks, "vampy" meant "seductive", "sexy", "promiscuous") and they wear designer labels now instead of old tuxedos and opera capes. They also have no respect for a crucifix.  C'mon!  Oh, well.  Times change.

On a totally unrelated note.....Why are so many people famous that have seemingly no redeeming qualities?  I see names on major news outlets and I have no idea why they are on there.  So-and-so is divorcing what's-his-name, Mrs. 78 has finally got her pre-baby body back, X and Z have broken up for the umpteenth time; WHO CARES?  Is it my imagination or are people famous for being famous?  Maybe I just don't have a good memory or I'm totally out of the loop but I seem to think people had to DO something to be famous/infamous - something more than saying something stupid or sarcastic, going out in public without wearing underwear, or causing some "VIP" a major headache. 

And why does the general public want to know everything these people do?  Is it voyeurism? Wanting to feel superior?  The lure of the freak show? 

Frankly, I'm sick of it.  It used to by my email homepage had news headlines that I could filter so I would only see the articles about stuff I care about.  Now there are ads that I swear are totally inappropriate for me personally and links to articles that are targeted toward the easily amused masses.  Blech!

I'm glad we have a library. It's quiet, I read what I want, and nobody suggests I should look up local police records.