Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Day #59 and #60

Day #59 = Sunday.  Fell asleep during sacrament meeting. Managed to stay awake for Sunday School and Relief Society.  Had a jacket on in Relief Society.  The thermostat was on cool, but not ultra cool and it was still "walk-in freezer".  It never changes.  And don't ask me what it's like in the winter.

Day #60 = Finished sifting our "mountain" but there is still some more digging in the trench to do.  Still, the light at the end of the tunnel is here.  Once the trench is all graded properly so water will run in one direction, gravel will be laid, a machine rented and we'll put those boulders down!

After battling sugar ants last month, they are back and they have gotten more brazen and are on the kitchen counter instead of the floor behind the garbage can.  I may have to change ant baits - they seem to have caught on to the "professional stuff".  That means I'll have to mix my own.  I wish I knew where they were coming in so I could caulk up the cracks and stop them coming in the first place.

It's hot enough that the sweat is overpowering the anti-perspirant.  Sheesh.

Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 = their villain is soooooo annoying.

My older son turned 13 today.  I hated being 13.  I wasn't superstitious but 13 was such an uncool number.  It doesn't divide nicely and it just looks bad and when you say it your face does something weird and totally unphotogenic.

I gotta make spaghetti. Hopefully the ants won't like it.

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Pam said...

See how many ways you can twist your face when you say 13!!!
You'd do a good job I think!