Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Day #57 Annoyances

It's all a part of life - the stuff that gets under your skin. 

1.  The seven year old whining because his older siblings "did something" to him again.
2.  The unexpected expenses that come up and come up and come up and you wonder, "Now?  This has to happen NOW????"
3.  The kid that doesn't tell you until THE DAY OF that she has a summer concert she has to be in....
4.  ....and that same kid gets legitimately ill the same day.
5.  The kid that dawdles while "cleaning" the kitchen only to somehow make it messier than it was before.
6.   The heat in the triple digits, again.  And again.
7.   The distinct feeling that you're forgetting something and it turns out it was a promise you made to the whiny seven year old to take him to the park and you BOTH forgot to do it and then it was bedtime and he wanted to go anyway, right that second that he remembered, but of course you can't when the park closes at dusk and how are you going to explain that if HE decides to use all his playtime on the computer, and if YOU are at that age that you don't remember squat, that sometimes things don't work out.
8.  The eleven year old that still hasn't learned to brush her hair until all the snarls are gone.
9.  The kids that say, "Yes we're done with our chores" and then when I walk in the room and they are not done.  Maybe it's good enough for "government work" but you people don't work for the government!  I expect more!
10.  When is school supposed to start again?

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Pam said...

School doesn't start soon enough, evidently!