Thursday, July 18, 2013

Summer Day #55 and #56

Yesterday I was quite tired out and so didn't post.

Our Cub Scout den went on a bike hike.  We looked for two geocaches along the way.  We only had one wipeout and one hornet/wasp sting and they happened to different boys and between all the adults that were there, we were prepared to handle both.  I think most everybody had fun and except for two Cubs, all the Scouts were there. Woopee!

Once I got home, I found that I was just as sweaty as the mornings when I work out in the yard for four hours. Ick.  A complete change of clothes and a mini shower were necessary.

Yesterday my younger daughter wasn't feeling well. At first we thought it was heat exhaustion because she biked back home from her orchestra class WITH A SWEATER ON in 80 plus heat.  That certainly didn't help but it turned out there was a little more going on. It looks like she has come down with a summer flu.  That just bites, you know?  So we're trying to keep her pumped up with fluids and keeping her away from the siblings and hoping she gets better soon.

The older daughter went off to a church youth conference today. Early today.  Like o'dark thirty today.  I hate those days.  You get up and throw on just enough clothes to be presentable, finger brush the hair and hope every other parent is too tired to notice you look like you just rolled out of bed, because you did.  It made me almost ill when almost every other woman there looked freshly showered, the hair was perfect and they even had MAKEUP on.  I don't wear makeup as a rule, but it amazes me when I see other women up at o'dark thirty and they have it on.  It just makes me want to go back to bed.

But I couldn't go back to bed. By the time I got home, it was about time to wake up the other kids and send them out with me to work in the slave pit, er, sorry, the yard.  "You load fiften tons, whaddya get? Another day older and deeper in debt." 

My older son is almost 13 and he is a hair taller than I am.  You don't know how much that tickles him.  It's okay though, I can still tackle him to the ground when he gets sassy.  He actually PROVOKES me to "go get him".  He'll  poke me, sass me, taunt me, and then he squeals when I get him pinned on the floor. It's that whole "puppy wants to play with mom" thing.  I'm almost tired of it.  Every once in a while I catch a glimpse of the man he'll become and it's kind of hard to let him grow up.

The younger son has friends on our street, YAY!  It's great that he has friends to play with.  My older son gripes that there are no guys on the street his age.  Shouldn't be a problem for the younger one, thank heavens.

It's amazing to me how dirty the kids can get and they don't mind staying that way for a looooong time.  After I've been out in the yard getting dirty, I HAVE to shower at lunchtime and then I can't touch anything dirty after that.  They can go all day in the same dirty clothes. BLECH!  I make sure they are clean when they go out in public but the rest of the time I figure they'll bathe when they want to.  They stay clean enough to be healthy.  I have to bathe daily though. Camping is the rare occasion when that might not happen. Even if I'm sick, I gotta have the shower.

Oh look, time for my nap.  Oh wait, no it's not. Gotta make dinner soon. DANG IT!

Have a good evening.

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