Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer day #49 and a change in the wind

Not a major change in the wind, just enough to bring cooler weather and a little rain - YAY!  It feels so much better to be down to high 80's.  That's temperature, not the decade. That was the decade of my youth but it's not one I care to revisit very often.

Among our small notables today:

A guy drove through our neighborhood looking for a runaway son.  We thought we spotted him a block away and before driving off he left me his number in case I saw a kid of a certain description.  I hope he was found.

I think our mountain of dirt that we dug out of our trench has been cut down to half with all our sifting and such.  I have two small piles of pea size gravel, a huge pile of one inch to three in rock, and all the sifted dirt has been raked over tire ruts on one side of the house and then packed down.  It may not seem like much progress.

We have green bean sprouts coming up in the garden and the sunflowers are almost ready to bloom. Yay!  However I think my blueberry roots have completely died off and most of the flower seeds we planted in front never came up. Boo!  Some experiments work, and some don't.

Our District Cub Scout Roundtable is tonight.  We were going to do a campfire program but with the rain, it may get moved indoors.  I'm in charge of the flag ceremony tonight and our den leader section team is leading the attendees in singing Yankee Doodle.  The great thing about Yankee Doodle is that there are soooooo many verses to choose from.  It's one of those songs that everybody and anybody can make up their own lyrics to it.  It'll be fun.

Okay, my brain is dead now, so I'll sign off and threaten my daughter with humiliation if she doesn't quit laughing at me while she reads over my shoulder.  Bye!

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Pam said...

I'm amazed at how many songs you have in your brain!!!