Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer day #48 and a Cub Scout Geocache hike

I am glad I am inside. Gonna hit triple digits again today.

This morning was Cub Scout den meeting.  We went to the local reservoir to look for geocaches.  My assistant den leader and I had seen these geocaches last year but none of the boys in our current den had seen them.  We and a parent of one of the boys picked them all up and then we convoyed to the reservoir.  Once there, we explained the basic theory behind how a GPS worked and then they took turns holding the GPS and following the little arrow.

The first one had them a little stumped, but the den chief game them clues once he spotted it.  We traded out some of the little items in the cache with little kids' toys.

The second one we had to help them a little more, because the arrow pointed straight across the reservoir.  I told them we needed to go the long way around the reservoir because last I checked, I couldn't walk on water.  So around we went.  I don't think we even walked a half mile but the Cubs were asking, "How far is it?"  These boys are sooooo bouncy and hyper when they are doing inside activities.  Get them walking a ways outside on a hot day and they get all "Are we there yet?"  I have to chuckle.

We got to where I knew the geocache had to be.  They caught on to where it was supposed to be hidden but.... no geocache!  I had checked the latest logs online at before the trip to make sure no one else had made a comment that it was missing or archived.  I told the Cubs to look around for a container - a jar from what I remembered.  They found the lid, then they found the plastic jar that fit the lid.  There was no log, no items to trade, nothing.  ARGH!  I hate it when people vandalize geocaches!

So, I tore off the bottom part of my den meeting plan sheet and stuck it in the jar with an explanation that it was a "temporary log".  Then we took some of the toys in my "swag bag" that I keep full of geocaching tradeables and we put a bunch of them in the jar.  We hid it in it's proper place, reminded everyone to drink more water and then hiked back to the vehicles.

A couple of times during the hike, I noticed a boy here and there with a pink face and I reminded them, "You look a little pink, you must drink."  I know it's easy to feel a little waterlogged at times when someone makes you constantly sip and sip and sip, but there was no way I wanted anyone to go home with heat stroke.  The whole reason for doing the hike in the morning was to avoid the hottest temperatures in the afternoon, but it was still plenty warm.  I had a five gallon water container with a spigot back at the Jeep so I could refill water bottles if necessary. I think I refilled one of the Cub's bottles and I definitely needed a refill myself.

We got all the Cubs home safe and sound.  I think it was a good trip.  We're planning to possibly turn a regular hike next week into a bike hike if I can get the right transport vehicles together.

I gotta think about pack meeting tonight and district roundtable tomorrow.

Have a good day!

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