Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Day #45, 46, 47 I'm not really a slacker

Sunday was our day of rest.
Monday I had only enough time to answer emails with working outside and repairing screens.
This morning we got down and dirty again - in real dirt - sifting and sifting and sifting.  I have a nice tan going in between my wrists and up to just above the elbow.  I also have a line across my face just under my eyes.  From the eyes up I'm still pale, the cheeks down is brown.  When I go outside I wear a hat and sunglasses and the line on my face is where the shadow from the hat brim stops.

Over the weekend, I went to find a geocache that I wanted to take my Cub Scouts to tomorrow.  But I found out that the geocache was off the mountain road and UP the mountain.  Like more than 45 degrees incline up the mountain in soft dirt that you couldn't get a good toehold in.  I never made it.  I got within 200 feet of the geocache according to the GPS, but I wasn't sure I was going to get back down at that point without falling.  My knees have never been strong and going downhill on a steep grade on slick surfaces just make me crazy with fear.

So after discussing the matter over with my assistant den leader, we decided on a much more level hike around the local reservoir that has a geocache or two nearby.  I relented.  The first geocache was actually in some forest area, which would have had shade and the reservoir has NO trees around it whatsoever.  Oh well.  I guess better that my knees survive.  We'll just have another sweaty hike.  "Bring your water guys!"

Today's out of the blue question from my kids: What did your wedding cake look like?
Um, it was a round cake shape with three layers with white frosting.
My daughter asks: That's all?
Yeah, nothing to write home about.  It was just a cake.
My daughter is aghast that it wasn't fancier than that.  For crying out loud! I'm getting criticized over a cake from 22 years ago? Sheesh.

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