Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer day #42, #43, and #44, a holiday within a holiday

How was your Fourth of July?

It was a full day for us, like it was for you I'm sure. 

It started early with two of our kids singing at the city flag raising ceremony.  The parade came on later, and then there were lots of activities for kids at the park at the end of the parade route.  We went home to crash a little, (well, the grownups crashed) and then we were up late for fireworks.

The next day we had a hard time getting up to go work outside.  We just spent a little time planting some green bean seeds in the garden. We did some weeding around the garden "fence".  It's really just a few pallets stood on their sides, a few pieces of rebar stuck in the ground and chicken wire wrapped around the whole thing.  It's not much but I think it has kept out the bunnies that decimated our garden last year.

This morning, we managed a little earlier start and the cloud cover helped out a lot.  The storm the night before didn't help our fence.  One of the pallets had finally been blown over after standing up to quite a few storms.  So we removed a few boards from one pallet since they were really close together. Perhaps that will help the wind blow through the fence instead of blowing against it.  We can only hope.

The kids are definitely bored of weeding.  They straggled off to see the little old lady across the street.  I finally gave them to their Dad to help.  They swept out part of the garage and you can finally see the garage floor now.

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