Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summer day #41 and did you know I hate math?

I don't hate all math. I hate math that includes the alphabet.

My oldest child has to make up a quarter math credit this summer.  And guess who gets to help.  Yup.

I found a couple of textbooks at a thrift store, but they turned out to be a little too detailed for what she is doing.

We've been trolling the internet for math tutoring videos but of course they can't show you examples that are precisely what you need, just kind of close on a basic level.  I just spent an hour trying to write out a step by step procedure for adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing functions and then finding the domain.  Don't ask me to explain it, my head hurts already.

Now my kid has to try to take that and work the problems in her math packet.

So, apparently the school district administration lacks critical thinking and logic skills.  How do I know?

Riddle me this.

How on earth is a student who FAILED a term of math class when there was access to a qualified teacher for help and STILL couldn't understand the material, now supposed to work ON HER OWN on the same material that confused her before WITHOUT access to a qualified teacher?  Hmm?  Anyone?


You know what?  I'm going to tell my kids to minor or double major in mathematics if/when they go to college.  When they ask me why they need that, when will they ever use it, I will tell them, "Because someday, your kids are going to bring their math homework to you for help and you better be ready buster, because the schools will be too cash-strapped to afford textbooks, too dishonest to provide tutors so 'No Child will be Left Behind', and you will want to know more than how to use a search engine to look up tutoring videos on the internet! That's why!"

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Pam said...

Send this to a newspaper or comment in the newspaper. People need to know how STUPID this is.