Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer day #38 and #39, or thould I thay thummer?

Today the kids are watching Thor.

My feet are thore: they jutht hurt like the dickenth!

More thifting, er, sifting this morning.

It's laundry day.  One good thing about triple digit temps - the laundry on the line dries fast!

I think I accidentally paid a bill twice. Fortunately it's not a big bill so maybe I'll just let it go and not worry about next month.

Are you ready for the Fourth?  Me neither.  I opted for glow bracelets instead of sparklers.  I really don't want to light up my whole lot.  Can you say tinder box?

Have a good one and stay cool!

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Pam said...

ANDY and I drove over to the Parowan Gap Thursday to see if there was really a fire over there and sure enough there was. The sign said,
They were right!