Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer days #22-25

You get the brief recap today!

Friday was busy with .... I don't remember what. Ha!

Saturday - celebrated 22nd wedding anniversary with a trip to an LDS Temple and going out to lunch. I know, so original.  At our age, getting any time together alone is a date.  It was also my parents wedding anniversary.  What's funny is, they probably did the same thing we did.  The only difference, besides age, was that we attended the temple they were married in, and they likely attended the temple we were married in.  If you don't know what LDS temples are for, try this link.

Sunday - Father's Day.  We, or I had better say, my husband, grilled pork chops. I made dessert - apple crumble with ice cream.  My husband also got a visit from one of his brothers.  The kids gave him a card.  What did he get himself for Father's Day? A fishing license.  I know, I spoil him, but that's what I do. (snicker.)

Monday - today - Ummmm. Yard work - more sifting gravel for the wall project.  Also took a broken window out of the frame and took it to a place.  Still waiting for them to call back.  As such, the AC is turned off - why waste AC on open windows, eh?  Not doing too badly.  The younger kids are with friends, the older kids are sniping at each other.

I better do some more laundry.  Why does everything pile up on the weekend?

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