Sunday, June 2, 2013

Summer Day #9 and 10

Yesterday was Day Two of our Cub Scout Day Camp.  I was on the staff because no one in my pack was going as a participant.

I was in charge of the "Courage/Look 'em In The Eye" station.  Basically we discussed (i.e. I asked, they hemmed and hawed) courage: what it was, how you could show it in your daily life, etc.  I know, I got the boring station.  The camp directors gave me a story, or perhaps more accurately, an article about "Buck" O'Hare to tell the Cubs.  He was a WW2 fighter pilot in the Pacific.  I told the Cubs how he went up against Japanese bombers all by himself one day.  He ended up with a Congressional Medal of Honor and Chicago named an airport after him.

The Look 'Em In The Eye, was a "game" where they got in two lines facing each other and then they had a minute to introduce themselves and make conversation with the guy in front of them.  Then they would switch to the next guy for a minute, and so on.  They were supposed to look each other in the eye, and not at their shoes, the sky, the squirrels, or whatever else was around them. It was definitely a challenge for the shy, the fidgeters, the hyper, and the quiet.

There were a few unexpected moments.

In one group, when I asked "What do you think courage is?"  I got these responses:

"Courage is asking a girl to be your girlfriend!"  (These are 8 and 9 year old boys here.)

"Definition: Chuck Norris!"  (When I asked what they could do if they saw someone picking on another kid at the playground, this same kid said, "Call Chuck Norris!")

Thankfully, the rest of the day camp stations were more hands-on and fun.  Although in my defense, when it got old, I switched the game over to an old-fashioned staring contest and during the last couple of minutes, I taught them a song or two.  One group were singing it as they left and I heard one of their leaders mutter, "That will be stuck in their heads for the rest of the day."  Ha ha ha ha ha!

I hope my pack goes to day camp next year.

As for today, well, it was Sunday. That means church.  It was there. I have a hard time staying awake during Sunday School.  The teachers tend to just read and read and read and read.  There are some interesting things they say, but when they don't even ask the class members to read a scripture or two, there just isn't any incentive to comment or contribute.

After church, I went in search of a boy that will be turning 8 soon, which is the age that our church starts sponsoring Cub Scout dens.  I'm the Wolf leader so I get the 8 year olds.  For most, it's their first experience with Scouting, so I try to make it as fun as possible.  I found the boy's house and his parents were excited to get him started.  He's a shy type kid. It will take a while for him to warm up, but at least he already knows some of the boys that are already in my den.

Summers are challenging because families are doing vacations, swimming lessons, sports, what-have-you. I try to focus on electives and save the rank advancement requirements for the school year when there is more of a routine and focus on "getting it done".  That way our summers are more relaxed, more "get outside" kind of meetings.

The weather has definitely turned warmer, more like summer.  My AC actually turned on today.  Tomorrow will be a hotter day to go outside and dig in my trench but I've got to get it done soon.

But for now, I will rest the remainder of my Sunday. Have a good day.

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