Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer day #37 and Keyed up, it's too darn hot!

I think this is day two or three or triple digit heat.

My husband and older son came back home from scout camp today.  It wasn't long before the scout was in a swim-noodle-wacking duel with his younger sister.  The state park campsite they went to actually had a showerhouse and a flush-toilet restroom so they came home fairly clean.  Monday we'll deal with the laundry.

No outside work today because I had to do the grocery shopping this morning.  It's a nine to ten mile drive to do the grocery shopping and I didn't want to wait until the triple digits roasted the car.  I usually go with my husband, but since he was still at camp, I took my oldest with me.  If she had been better at driving a clutch, I would have had her drive but she still kills the engine and hasn't learned to shift gears well.

So we got there just after 7 am and we got out, locking our doors as usual, and I felt along my belt where I usually clip my keys and....... no keys.  I look to see if my daughter had shut her door yet and she had.  CRAP!  The keys were still in the ignition.

Okay, I thought, plan B is.....there has to be a spare key at the house.  Who can get me the spare key?  Hubby is almost three hours away.  No good there.  Oh wait! The older neighbor lady across the street gets up early, maybe she can go to my house and get a spare.  Tried calling her.  Nope, voice mail.  Left S.O.S. message.  Called home to tell my younger daughter to look for spare key.  No answer, must still be asleep in bed.  Hmm.

Plan C; there's an auto parts store next door, so maybe they have a "slim jim" that could help me open the door.  We go over - there's still another 15 to 20 minutes before they open.  Hmm.  Back to plan B.

Call husband hoping he is in cell phone range.  Success!  I ask where a spare key might be found.  He tells me the exact place where I would look for a spare key if I were home.  Then he tells me how to break into the car.  Huh?  Lo and behold, it worked!  We got the door unlocked, got the keys and all was right with the world again.

I called the neighbor lady a second time to tell her that the crisis had been averted.  The shopping was completed, the food taken home and put away and I went over to tell the neighbor lady to ignore her voicemail messages, which included a retelling of the whole saga.  She had been up, but she hadn't put on her hearing aids and she was outside at the time that I sent the S. O. S.  I guess you could say our cries for help fell on deaf ears.


I was going to write something else but it's gone.  Um....don't you hate that? You have a string of thoughts you want to express and then suddenly the string breaks and all the thoughts roll away and one gets under the refrigerator where no one can get to it and it seems too much trouble to try moving the fridge.

Oh well, it must not have been that important anyway.....

Oh wait!  I got it now!  My oldest daughter had told me as we were going home. "Don't lose your keys next time."  So condescending, teens can be.  I told her, "It will happen to you too someday."  She smirked, "No, it won't."  I don't know ANYBODY who hasn't at least ONCE locked their keys in their car/house/gym locker/office.  It's as inevitable as death and taxes.  Anyone who HASN'T locked their keys away just has never had keys to begin with.

Okay, now I'm done.  It's Saturday night... do you know where your KEYS are?

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Pam said...

Unless your thoughts hadn't come unraveled we wouldn't have gotten that piece of humor from you!!!