Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer day #35 and sore muscles

I spent about six hours this morning outside doing stuff around the yard.  My oldest and I started sifting dirt but the wires in the small size screen were coming apart AGAIN.  I repaired this same problems several times last summer and finally, I just had to take it apart and put new hardware cloth in.  So that took some time.

The sifted dirt underneath that screen had piled up and had started to spread beyond the confines of the screen, so it was time to find a place for it.  There's a low spot by the house where water collects during our infrequent rainy seasons and the tire ruts there seemed to be crying out "fill me!" so I that's where I put the dirt.  I raked it smooth, watered it down a touch and had the younger kids pull weeds around the area.  That side of the yard had shade from the house so I had the kids weed there.  It's going to get HOT today. 

We ended up staying out more than we usually do.  That's okay though.  While trying to put away our shovels and other yard implements in the their spot in the corner of the garage, I noticed it was getting hard to put things away and still have the stuff look accessible.  It had gotten all junked up.  I got the youngest to help me pull everything out.  I swept out the corner while he sprayed down the plastic doo-hickey "organizer" that helps the shovels and rakes stand up.  I removed items that weren't really tools but were just odds and ends from various back burner projects and such and stowed them with other odds and ends or other back burner projects and such.  My husband has a lot of back burner projects.

I saw some corn sprouts poking up in the garden out back, yay!  Hopefully the pumpkins won't be too far behind germinating.

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