Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Day #21

Last night's pack meeting was okay.  We added three extras to our skit who had never practiced with us before - thank heaven for extra milk jug helmets and spare cardboard swords!  There was a lot of coaching and nudging and whispering from the sidelines from me, and some giggling from the parents.  It's amazing how some of the most talkative Cubs will clam up when in front of a formal audience. 

The Cubmaster brought two minit to winit games - mousetraps all over the floor and two contestants trying to get them to snap with a "fish pole" dangling a nut - the metal kind, not the food kind.  One den leader got "bit" while setting traps, making me extra nervous as I was helping setting traps.  The kids laughed as I set the same trap three times only to have it go off once I put in on the floor, eliciting a "Yipe!" from yours truly.

The other game was simply two kids trying to stack plastic cups quicker than the other.  Not as dangerous as mousetrap catching but still fun.

This morning was a challenge.  Yes, I got out of bed. Yes, I got the kids out of bed. Yes, we got outside to do yardwork before it got too hot.  Used the weed whacker to cut a swathe down one side of the yard and then when it was obvious that the string needed to be coaxed out some more, I did what you're supposed to do to get it to release and..... it broke completely off on  one side.  Sigh.  Sorry, honey, I have to ask you to fix it again. 

We had some rock piles that needed to be moved to other rock piles.  I tried to start leveling out my trench but for some reason the kids were having trouble picking up rocks.  These weren't huge. One pounders to five pounders, most of them.  I ended up helping them for a while and then one of the kids got a nose bleed.  Then another kid found a "heart shaped" rock to give to the neighbor lady across the street - she told them she liked heart-shaped rocks months ago and now they take her any they find in our yard.  She always accepts them with a smile and hearty thank you.  It's a diversionary tactic for the kids but, what can you say?  I ended up clearing up the rest of the rocks by myself once it was clear they all wanted to go back in the house.  I wasn't feeling too great anyway.

Among the distractions the kids found this morning were the pea pods they managed to find that were ready to harvest.  They tasted pretty good.  Reminds me, I gotta go turn the water out back.  See ya.

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