Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Day #20

It's Wednesday! My busiest day of the week.  So what's on the agenda?

Yard work of course.  My trench is almost complete!  I just need to get the bottom leveled out so any water that gets in will runoff in the right direction instead of pooling in a bad spot.  Then the gravel sifting will begin.  We managed to get out this morning before the wind really kicked up again.

Wednesdays are summer orchestra days for the younger girl.  She is having fun with it and even more so now that she has a new-to-her violin.  It's a fullsize one unlike the halfsize one she had borrowed from a friend this past school year.  A bit of a stretch, but she'll grow into it.

The same child has a birthday party to go to, and then Activity Days after that.  What's Activity Days?  Our church has organized a program for the girls aged 8 to 11 to mirror the Cub Scout Program the boys participate in.  The girls do different things to work on the Primary Organization's Faith in God award.  My daughter has often complained that it's not every week.  When the girls turn 12, they move up to the Young Women's organization, for girls age 12 - 17.  Once a young woman turns 18, they are brought into, sometimes unwillingly, Relief Society.  Relief Society is the women's auxiliary in our church, for all women 18 and up. 

The older boy is off on a Scout camp. He'll be helping out some of the camp staff at the shooting range.  The younger son will have a few days free of the older brother teasing him, but the younger son will also have to cover big brother's chores, bwahahahaha!  Life's tough, and there's always more laundry to do.

I have pack meeting with the Cub Scouts tonight. The Cubmaster will actually be in charge of this one, hallelujah!  I subbed for him the past two months and I'm done.  I don't mind helping out, but I don't want to be in charge of pack meeting on top of my regular den leader duties.  That being said, I'll still be involved tonight because our den is doing a skit about David and Goliath tonight.  I just hope we can find enough extras to be Philistines at the last moment.  They don't have to talk, just scream like little girls when Goliath falls down.  Pretty simple right?  We'll see.

Dang it, it's lunch time already.  Wonder what's in the fridge?

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