Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer day #19

Today's t.v. choice for the kids are episodes from NCIS Season three, or two?  I don't know.  They love it when Gibbs slaps someone up the backside of the head for being, um, a bit obtuse.

And yes, sometimes my husband and I will do that, gently, to whoever is being the smart aleck at the dinner table any given night.  It's a bad night when all four kids get it.

My trench is almost dug out.  Six more feet to go and then we'll go back and level out the bottom. The next stop will be lining the bottom with gravel. (I'm following a landscaping book I bought a year ago.)  I'm too cheap to buy gravel because there is a huge berm in the backyard, leftover dirt from when the builders dug out the foundation.  We'll sift down the dirt we dug out of the trench first, and if that doesn't give us enough gravel, we'll hit the berm.  It's dusty, sweaty work, but all the kids can be involved with it.

My kids planted some flower seeds in the front flower bed this morning.  The nasturtiums and marigolds that I started down in the basement, grown in empty toilet paper tubes, didn't fare so well once I planted them outside.  I think I have one of each that are still alive.  The kids planted more marigold seeds, poppies and some other odd flower seeds I've had for a while. We'll see if we can get them to grow better this time.

The wind that whipped through here yesterday was brutal on our sunflowers.  They weren't staked. I thought that being close to the garden fence would be enough to prop them up, but apparently they were just not quite close enough for the fence to help them.  Our pea plants have pods but the pods haven't filled out yet - hopefully soon.  The kids love picking them and eating them right out of the garden.

We have some more laundry to get done before our older son goes off on a Scout camp. He's excited!

The younger kids have friends' birthday parties to look forward to.  It's hard enough to choose gifts for my own kids, it's even harder to try to figure what friends would like.  I hate shopping.

Have a good day!

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Pam said...

I hate shopping too! Why do you think I give money LOL!