Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Day #13 and #14

Well, it was busy yesterday.  Den meeting involved the Cub Scouts writing out the script for their David and Goliath skit.  The language turned out to be very modern in places. "Game on!"  The boys definitely had more fun putting the props together.  It's going to be less a tour de force and more a tour de farce.  We'll perform it for the parents next week at pack meeting.

Before I left for den meeting, I was gathering some stuff downstairs and saw dust moving around.  I bent down closer and the "dust" turned out to be insects. At first I thought they were sugar ants, but on closer inspection, they seemed to have wings and weren't the typical ant shape. I'm now thinking they were gnats or something similar.  I gave two of my kids a roll of masking tape and told them to use pieces of tape to "stick it to 'em".  They got all the bugs they could see.  When I got home and checked, all I could see were four or five.

I bought some ant bait for the basement and spread it out on little bits of cardboard where I saw the bugs previously.  I hope it does something.  I also bought some ant killer stuff for the outside of the house but didn't apply it right then because it was windy.

This morning I marshalled all the kids outside to weed at the base of the house before I put the ant stuff around.  One side of the house had quite a bit of junk piled there. I can't just get rid of it because they are parts of past, present, and future projects my husband has on his list.  So it got sorted and relocated.  It is plenty warm today - not 90 degrees warm but 80 degrees plus should be the high today. I really wanted to get out there in the morning before it heated up too much.  It was almost lunchtime by the time I let the kids go in to do their morning chores.  They were grumbling and had the longest faces by then.  I get a bit testy when I see that.  My grandparents worked so much harder than they do at their age, I don't think we have room to complain.

Once the kids were inside, I had them close all the windows (thank heaven for AC) and I applied the stuff and wet it down like the instructions said.  I had nitrile gloves and a dust mask on while I did it.  Didn't want the stuff on me.  I applied it to three or four ant hills that are scattered around the yard as well.  I didn't make it to digging in the trench like I'd hoped, but sometimes you have to be flexible enough to take care of the more immediate things, right?

Tonight is our District Cub Scout Roundtable. I'm one of the staff that handles the den leader section.  We're grilling up the leftover frozen hamburger patties from the Webelos Overnighter we didn't use.  Anyone who comes before roundtable is welcome to chow down with us.  Summer roundtables are less well attended than during the school year, but we also change from the school we usually meet in, to the district's outdoor facility.  It's a lodge with an amphitheater below it.  It's where we hold the Webelos Overnighter.  The lodge is a building that looks like a bunch of do it yourselfers put together.  The floor of the main room isn't level; there's an uphill and a downhill. There's a kitchen with a huge wood burning stove - the kind your great grandparents cooked on.  The restrooms are in a set apart building. They have running water and the stalls are built out of particle board.  The stall "doors" are sheets hanging from curtain rods.  You sit on the pot and your knees push the sheet out.  Anyone else in the restroom can see your feet.

The kids are watching old episodes of NCIS.  They love it when Gibbs slaps someone upside the head.

And that's our summer day today.  Hope yours is more relaxing than ours.

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