Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer day #12

More trench digging.  I can definitely say that I have crossed more than the halfway point.  I wonder if I can get it all dug this week.  I have chapped hands and my socks are full of cheat grass seeds.  Some new muscles are protesting.

One of my kids has to do a packet of summer homework to make up for a term that didn't get a passing grade in math.  Question: Is it logical to expect a student, who couldn't understand the math when help was available from a qualified math teacher, to complete a bunch of math assignments without one at all?  And yet that is what the district expects.  And I get to pay for my kid to have the privilege of doing it too!

We made a trip to the library today.  Those books the kids got last week were done in a few days.  I guess I shouldn't be too surprised.

Den meeting with the Cub Scouts tomorrow. We'll see if we can get more to show up to practice our David and Goliath skit.  We need more soldiers.  Heck, we need to get them to help write the script!  We made costume pieces last time.

Warmer weather today, but still nice cool breezes to blow through the house.

My husband took our older son to Scouts. They have to plan menus for the upcoming Scout camps.

My older daughter is at a picnic with her church youth group - we call it "Young Women's".  Not grammatically correct, but when I was her age, we all just called it "Mutual" (Short for the old Mutual Improvement Association of my parents' time).

My younger daughter starts summer orchestra classes tomorrow. We sacrificed some of my husband's overtime to get her a violin of her own and boy was she excited!  We can't afford to get her private lessons or anything, but if she has fun with the elementary school class, that's fine.

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Pam said...

HEY this is a good way to keep a journal!
I remember MY orchestra days in the summer, especially the ones at the U!
FANTASTIC memories