Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer day #11

It's sunny, but the wind is quite cool.  No need for the AC today, just opened the windows.

A daughter is rattling around the house because she's grounded from t.v.

My almost 13 year old son has big feet. I discovered his slip-on Sunday shoes by the door when I wanted to go out to the mailbox.  They fit me.  He's almost my height too. I thought I'd have a couple more years.  He grabbed me earlier and danced me around the room. He is such a puppy!  Too big to cuddle comfortably, too young to be grownup, still shy around adults but tries to act so mature around the younger ones.

The two younger kids are out playing with friends.

I've spent a couple of hours digging in my trench again.  I'm debating whether I should put some more time on it but....I'm clean!  I don't want to get dirty again today.

My pea plants are a foot tall but no pods on any of them.  That's a new one on me!  Usually they struggle to get a couple of inches high.

I can't eat enough salad to keep up with what the garden is producing.  Don't think you can preserve spinach or lettuce leaves though.

I really need to take the 16 year old driving but we're both scared. She's scared of the stick shift and I'm scared she may not have the coordination to learn it.  The longer she doesn't drive, the longer we can avoid higher car insurance premiums but that means it's longer before she becomes independent.

I've read a few books since school got out, but nothing has really "spoken" to me or made me glad I read it.

The movie soundtrack to "Over the Hedge" is playing in the background.  I should have deleted that from my flash drive a loooooong time ago.

The garbage truck is finally here!  Yes, I need to get out more.


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