Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer day #8

I've spent most of the morning helping out as staff for our local Cub Scout Day Camp.  I've come the last three years as a participant, but this is the first I helped out. Our pack didn't register because only one family was willing to pay the camp fee this year.

Interestingly enough, being a staff helper was less stressful than being one of the den leaders bringing a group of Cubs to camp.  I didn't have to pick anyone up, arrange for enough chaperones, keep track of wandering kids (too much), nor be responsible for anyone's behavior (too much).  I'm sure it would be different if I were actually in charge of something, but I was just a helper bee today, and only for one session.  There will be an evening session tonight but I chose to be with my family instead.

Not that I'll be with a lot of my family.  My husband is taking our sons camping. Our church has an annual "Fathers and Sons" campout.  Of course that could be "Uncles and Nephews" or "Grandpas and Grandsons" or any combination of the above.  My boys are waiting anxiously for their dad to come home and take them.  They'll have a dutch oven dinner of some kind tonight and something for breakfast tomorrow morning and then they'll come home - while I'm at another morning session of day camp.

My girls have asked me what we are doing tonight.  I have no idea.  Nothing too spendy. Maybe we'll rent a movie or maybe we'll just chill out with one we already have.  I don't have much energy left today.

The weather is excellent today - sunny, but not hot. Downright comfortable.  Summer weather should start coming back tomorrow.

Have a fun Friday.

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