Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer day #7

A little more sun today with a few sprinkles of rain. Got some trench dug.  My kids weeded a little, turned the compost pile.  My younger daughter joined a friend early this morning to help milk some goats and feed some chickens that belong to another neighbor. I don't think she had ever milked goats before.  I haven't ever milked goats myself.

I read through a couple of short books yesterday and met up with other staff for the upcoming Cub Scout day camp this weekend.  Unfortunately, we couldn't get but one parent to want to sign up their Cubs this year because of the cost.  Our charter organization subsidized the cost to go to camp last year but this year it couldn't so... we ended up not registering at all. Pretty sad.  I've taken Cubs to this particular camp the last three years and it's pretty fun despite the heat and the gnats.

So I will be on the staff this year instead.  Maybe next year I'll get some Cub parents to pony up the money.  I know it's hard all the way around, but if you just set aside a little every month, it doesn't hurt so much.

I've got another book waiting for me after I get some annoying errands done. 

Have fun today!

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