Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer day #6

Today's at home movie is Gnomeo and Juliet.  You see, during the summer, the kids get one movie a day.  I don't want them watching t.v. the whole of summer vacation. They take turns choosing the movie.  It keeps the fussing to a minimum.  I like this movie on the whole.  They could have left out the gnome in the skimpy speedo-esque wrestling outfit.  I know he's just a gnome but there's only one pair of cheeks I want to see on a gnome and you got both kinds with that guy.  Ech!

I'm still gearing up to go outside and dig in my trench.  It's cool out, and we may escape the deluge we had yesterday.  The kids did an hour's worth of work outside pulling weeds out of the rocks in the parking strip.  I was running our weekly Cub Scout den meeting.

I have a Wolf den, eight year old boys, and for the most part I have fun with it.  Summers are hard because a lot of people are gone on vacations or involved with sports or they just don't have the same routine like they did before and they forget we are still having den meetings.  I try not to take it personally, but I do spend a lot of time getting things prepared and trying to think up fun things to do while they pass off rank requirements and electives.  I mean, how would you feel if you invited a lot of people to a party and only one or two showed up?  It's like that.  Still, I know that Scouting isn't everything in life and not everyone makes it a priority.

So anyway, today we were working on putting a skit together.  Our sponsoring organization is an LDS unit, and they have a Religious Emblems award that includes a requirement that involves writing a story or a play.  We reviewed the basic David and Goliath story. I thought it was appropriate because not only does David have to have faith in God that Goliath isn't going to totally wipe the floor with him, but David has to demonstrate that faith with courage in going out to meet Goliath in battle.  Courage is one of the Cub Scout character connections, so I figured, two birds with one stone, right?

We made a big Goliath on cardboard, we made some cardboard swords covered aluminum foil for the soldiers, we made some helmets out of empty milk jugs, and a cotton batting beard for the king to wear. We also made a sling out a piece of vinyl and string and tested it by hurling a small ball of yarn.  We didn't actually get to the writing of the script part but the boys did decide who they wanted to be.  With only three of them, we're going to have to do some better reminders to the rest of the den so we can fill out all the parts we need.  We have another week or two to get it all together so I think we'll be okay.  We're going to have them perform it at our next pack meeting.

Well, it looks like three out of the four kids have gone outside to play.  Not bad.  I think I'm going to go outside too.  You should too, if you get the chance.

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