Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer day #5

You wouldn't know it was a summer day by looking outside.  We've had a light sprinkle, then later a hard rain.  I don't expect this kind of rain at this time of year - maybe in July during "monsoon" season, but...

well you just don't expect this kind of rain here anyway.

So, no working outside today, because when we have this much rain, our clay soil turns to goo that can take suck your boots off.  Since I don't have lawn to speak of, that's what I have out there is goo, except for the dry creek which is full of rocks.  So when the rain clears out and the surface dirt hardens a bit, the underlayers of dirt will be a little moist and that will make digging out the trench for my retaining wall a little easier if a bit messier.  When it's totally dry out there, the dust is easier to get off the shovel but gets in my nose.  When it's moist, my nose is okay, but the shovel gets gummed up easy.

The kids get to work inside today.  The unfinished basement is part storage area, part playground.  The kids often don't pick up after themselves down there, because they know it'll get ignored until I can't stand it when I go down there, or when their dad can't get to his "hobby room".  So today, they are cleaning out the basement.  I always encourage them to dejunk their stuff each time they do that.  I leave big garbage cans for trash and unwanted stuff.  They've cleared out a bagful now.

The kids are also taking turns helping their dad with his trailer project.  He bought a small trailer from a guy a couple years ago.  It has a metal frame and had plywood paneling.  The plywood was pretty torn up after we used it last summer to haul the huge rocks we dug out of the neighbor's front yard for our retaining wall.  A few weeks ago, my husband took the trailer into the garage, ripped all the old plywood away, took the axle off and started grinding off random pieces of metal.  The kids' job is to scrub the rusty parts of the frame with a wire brush. Once that's cleaned off, my husband will paint it with some kind of primer/protectant.  Later he'll put on a new axle with proper leaf springs.  When it's all done, the trailer will sit behind our Jeep a little better, and the springs should help it roll better.  With the old axle, if it hit a bump too fast, that thing bounced and both wheels would launch off the pavement.  It also had a tendency to fishtail.

The library should be open later today.  It's a good day to stay inside with a good book.

I'm making bread today - the house smells great!

Hope your summer day today is nice!

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