Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer day #3 & #4

Sunday was a relaxed day.  We went to church, we relaxed at home.  I played Monopoly with the kids because one of them said, "You should quit Cub Scouts so you spend more time with us."  Errr.

I usually don't use the "guilt trip" on my kids that much because I prefer the "I'm the Mom and I said so, that's 'why'" type of person.  But boy, when your kids use it on you...

My kids are terrors at Monopoly.  They are ruthless and they are constantly trying to game you into a side deal that will bankrupt you later.

Today is Memorial Day.  No we don't have anything planned that's special.  So many things "come up" these days that any extra funds are gone the moment we have them, so "party planning" goes by the wayside. 

This morning, my family and I were all out in the yard.  We were weeding, digging more trench, planting nasturtiums and marigolds that have sat in the basement by a window for a few weeks, and harvesting spinach and lettuce to have and to give away. The weather is beautiful today, more spring than summer-like.

My father and two of his brothers served in Vietnam at roughly the same time.  I try to thank other Vietnam vets that I meet - "Thank you for helping my dad and uncles come home from that."  I know they all had close scrapes that, if they had just been a little more unlucky, could have killed them.

So for all you Veterans out there, Thank you!  God bless you and keep your families safe.

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