Saturday, May 25, 2013

Summer Day #2

It's a Saturday. That means Saturday chores.  Beyond the basic "clean your room", my kids are also responsible for changing their bedsheets, cleaning their bathroom, collecting garbage, vacuuming and any other areas that have become problems.  Like the basement.  We didn't do the basement today but that may be next week's project.

Last summer, I had the kids working outside with me in the mornings, doing their inside chores afterwards, and then the rest of their day was theirs to do as they pleased.  We plan on having them help me outside again this year, but this year, they need to accumulate 100 hours of work outside in order to go to my husband's company party - at a local amusement park.  If they don't get to 100 hours, each, then whoever doesn't make it, gets to stay home.  I know, I'm such a mean, rotten mother.  One of the kids asked, "What if we only get to 99 hours?"  I said, "Then you go, but you owe me 2 hours when we get back."

I have 20 feet of trench left to dig out.  I didn't do any today because the wind was quite brisk.  My contacts and wind don't get along.  Rather contacts and any microscopic dust particles blown by the wind don't get along.  It feels like someone poking my eye with a sharp needle, it paralyzes me until I get inside, take the contacts out, wash them, and then reinsert.  I'd love to go back to glasses, but then I wouldn't see as well.  Stupid kerataconis...bumpy corneas.

Not that I didn't go out at all, because my son and I did go out back to fix our tipsy clotheline.  It's one of those tree like jobbies with four "branches" that go out and the lines go around and make it look something sort of a rectangle.  The winter storms had pushed it over quite a ways, so that had to be straightened out.  My son used the weed wacker on some of our jungle of weeds in the backyard. I weeded a little in the vegetable garden.  I also mowed down the weeds in the front with the mower.  Until I can get our lot graded properly so water doesn't want to go in the basement, knock on wood, we'll be mowing weeds instead of starting grass.  That means it will take a while to get to grass in our yard, but I want to do things properly so I have the least amount of headache down the road.  A basement flood would be a headache.  So are ponds where there are not supposed to be any.

My husband was away at a class so he can teach Boy Scouts how to properly use muzzleloaded guns at a gun range.  This isn't hunting or wilderness survival, just target shooting with safety in mind so everyone goes home with all appendages intact.

The weather was decent except for the wind.  Hopefully the wind will calm down more next week so I can get that trench finished.  Then we get the lovely job of sifting out gravel to line the trench with - again, for water drainage.  I know we live in a desert and don't get much rain but sometimes when we do get it, it's all at once and the clay soil doesn't so much absorb water as send it downhill. 

I tried taking the kids to the library today, but it was closed. Of course I forgot that Monday was a holiday and that means Friday is too for cash-strapped municipalities.  Too bad.  My kids are all readers to some extent, the girls more than the boys, and they were all disappointed they couldn't get new books today.  Maybe Tuesday.

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