Friday, May 24, 2013

Ah Summer! (Whimper)

The kids were on half schedule today.  Don't know why they bothered, honestly.

So, tonight, begins the odyssey that is "summer vacation".

There have already been a few fights and I've had my first headache.

The weather has been wonderful - not too hot, not too cold.

The kids are watching Alice in Wonderland - the darker Disney version with Johnny Depp.  I like parts of it.  Some of it is just too bizarre - "What was the director/writer smoking?" type stuff.

I'm digging a trench to prepare for putting up a rock retaining wall this summer. Last summer was digging out the big rocks from another neighbor's yard who wanted landscape block instead.  I have 20 feet to go on the trench and 13 feet of dry creek to dig to keep water form draining into my next door neighbor's back yard.

The sixteen year old is looking for a summer job.  So far she has been told, "The youngest we hire is 17 - 18".  When did that happen?  Is this a recession thing?  Are today's 16 year olds just not very responsible?  Did I just ask that last question?

I have to teach the 16 year old how to drive a stick this summer.  Courage, now!  And get off the sidewalk.

The twelve year old has already been paid for a water-my-lawn-while-I-visit-grandchildren job.  He's looking for more odd jobs that actually pay.

I've planned six hikes for my Cub Scouts this summer.  Don't worry, they are short 1 mile or 2 mile affairs - nothing that's going to kill me off.

We've got spinach and lettuce doing well in our garden.  The peas are all leafy and no pods yet.  We may have radishes too before too long.  It's amazing what a thick layer of horse manure will do!

The 11 year old and the 7 year old are practically the same size in pants.  How did that happen?

I have no popsicles in the freezer.  Must put otter pops on my list for next payday.

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