Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cub Stuff: A flag went up

Our Cubmaster had a work schedule conflict. In our pack, the Cubmaster doesn't usually involve the den leaders in the pack meeting planning, and it looked like the pack meeting would be cancelled when the Cubmaster couldn't be there. So I stepped up to the plate.  I don't like having pack meetings cancelled. It makes it too easy to cancel the next one, and the one after that.... Having finished our Pinewood Derby last month, I wanted to keep the momentum going.  We managed a decent turnout this month considering that baseball has started again.

I knew the other dens didn't have den flags of their own, so I thought, "Let's correct that egregious situation."  Now I'm not knocking the other den leaders. They have significant challenges.  One of them has toddlers at home, the others work twelve hour days and one of them works a graveyard shift. The fact that they are able to do den meetings at all is miraculous. I figured this pack meeting would be a great time to help all the dens get new den flags together.  I sewed up some flags with extra fabric I had lying around, brought markers and stencils and fabric paints and fabric glue, and the den leaders brought sticks (flagpoles) and flagstands to put them on.

After having some discussion about what the colors on the United States flag and our state flag meant, we turned them loose on their own den flags.  These pictures have been altered somewhat - I erased some last names and other identifying marks to protect the kids.  These pictures are also not of the finished flags but during the process, so you have to imagine them as much cooler when done.

The Wolf Cubs said, "Look! We put alien wolves on there!"  Yes they did. As well as felt cut-outs of their handprints. A proper fabric glue works a bit better than the glitter glue. Just be warned, glitter glue is really messy and takes a long time to dry, as the side of my car will attest.

Our Bear den is very thinly populated right now and the one Bear that was there wanted to lay everything out just right before putting the marker down.  He put a lot of thought into what he wanted to see on that flag.

The Webelos added words on their flag to show what they stood for.  This flag had the most contributors and the favorite method seemed to be the stencils and markers. 

Our pack didn't have a pack flag before that night. (Horrors!) The Cubs took turns painting some of the Core Values on there.  We didn't manage to get all 12 on (I think we got to 9) but I like that the first values chosen were, Faith, Responsibility, and Respect.  If they had just had those three, I think that would have encapsulated all of the values that we try to teach the Cub Scouts.

We didn't forget the younger siblings!  We had handouts and crayons. They could design their own personal flags, or flip it over and color a United States flag.

After we finished making flags, we went outside and played, what else, Capture the Flag!  We used our state flag and one of the old den flags since the new flags were still sticky from glue and wet from paint.  If I were to do this activity over again, I would make sure I had smocks to protect uniforms, and plenty of baby wipes for hands and spills.

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Pam said...

HEY what about making some flags for the camp this summer. Think about it! I'll provide the money if you provide the materials and ideas.