Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ahh, that's better.

 We finally got some real spring weather.  Oh yeah!  And we got some spring gnats to go with it.  Oh well. (Scratches the back of ears where the little buggers bit.)

Our parking strip rock garden was looking decidedly bushy with weeds and we got it looking like rocks again.  All the huge rocks we got from a neighbor last fall are going to become a short retaining wall on one side of our lot where the slope is a bit steep. I put in stakes and laid out string and on Monday I'll be digging in...or out...or something.  Anyway, it's pickaxe time!

The bulbs my kids planted in the flower bed we created last fall are coming up.  The crocus bloomed shortly before the hard freeze.  The tulips are starting to bloom.  Something grew, I'm so happy! 

We laid out a smaller raised bed garden last fall after the disaster of a garden fell victim to rabbits last summer.  I actually put chicken wire around it a few weeks ago. Hopefully that will keep the robber rabbits out.  The pea plants are sticking out of the soil as are the radishes, lettuce and spinach.  Crossing my fingers!

The kids are worrying about end of the year school projects and reports.  School ends in just a month. No, it can't be!

It feels good to have some sunshine again.

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