Tuesday, March 5, 2013

You had to be there

When I was very young, I saw a sketch on a kids' PBS show and I recited it to my mother.  I wasn't a talker then.  Didn't say much at all. I knew how, I just didn't. It drove my mother up the wall. So when I did this little bit for her, she was floored.  I can't exactly remember the show and didn't find the sketch on Youtube so I'll just quote it here for you.

A kid folds a piece of black construction paper in "accordion fashion", pinches it in the middle to make it look like a bow and then sticks it under his nose. Using a dastardly villain's voice he says,

"You must pay the rent!"

The kid puts the "bow" in his hair and using a distressed feminine voice he says,

"I can't pay the rent!".

The kid repeats this exchange a couple of times, then puts the "bow" under his chin as if it's a bow tie and in a heroic manly voice says,

"I'll pay the rent!"

Bow in hair again, says,

"My hero!"

And lastly with the bow under his nose, gives the villain the last word, saying,

"Curses! Foiled Again!"

Now why did I go through all of that here?  So you can appreciate the following meme I saw today. I didn't create it, don't know who did, but here you are.
 (Maniacal laugh.)

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Pam said...

THAT'S HILARIOUS!!!!! It's a new take on a precious moment of mine where I realized my tight lipped little girl really COULD talk! That day I was greatly relieved, but with tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. The family replayed that skit over and over for a long time, different people taking different parts. It was a turning point in My life!