Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Just kicking some ideas around for Scout fundraisers

How to do everything your Scout groups wants to do?  It all costs money doesn't it?  So how do you raise it?

Our local scout troop does a few things to raise money for camps and other activities.

One is a flag subscription service:  For an annual fee, the Scouts in our troop put an American flag on your lawn on holidays that would naturally call for it - Flag Day, Veteran's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Election Day, Labor Day, Sept. 11th, and so on.  The Scouts hammer a piece of rebar into the lawn/dirt, and slide a PVC pipe with a 3 x 5 foot flag on it.  The flags are set up in the morning and taken down by sundown.

Another fundraiser our troop does is an annual spaghetti dinner.  The family ticket price is reasonable and the food is good.  Dessert is not included because the troop would like you to  participate in the....

Cake Auction!  The Scouts make and decorate cakes for the auction (with help from Mom and Dad at times).  This year the bids started at $20.00 per cake and went up from there. (I think a better starting bid is $5.00.  Some families just can't afford much and I know they like to bid on their son's cake.)  To give you an idea of what the boys can come up with, here are some pictures of this year's cakes.

One Scout did one and his friend did another one to match.

This was my son's cake. We live in Utah, so the major college rivalry is between U of U and BYU. This cake was for blended families who couldn't make up there minds which school to cheer for.

There we go. The matching M for the red one.

This was made by one of the leaders. There's a round cake layer in the bottom, ringed with Kit Kats and covered with M&M's.  I tried bidding for this one but someone had a deeper wallet than me.

This is another one by a leader and his wife.  A spaghetti cake and salad to go with.  The "sauce" is a cherry syrup or raspberry syrup.  I seriously don't know how some people figure out how to make such creative cakes.

It's a Rubik's cube. Classic.

The Scout that made this said it wasn't "anything". He just decorated the cake.  His grandpa bought it.  Gotta love grandpas!

We baked a second cake in case our son wanted to do a second one, or combine the two cakes into something bigger. He ended up giving it to another Scout to decorate who didn't have one.  Works for me.

No conflicted loyalties here.

Yeah, that's a chocolate caked frosted with peanut butter and studded with Reese's peanut butter cups and covered with Reese's pieces.  Those with nut allergies need not bid.

This was judged the best cake and sold for over $100.00.  This igloo cake is covered with marshmallows and apparently there are "spray paint" frostings out there now.  The blue misty color came from such "spray paint".   Whoa.

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