Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Musings: Hibernation; tool or excuse?

The NOAA weather radio station warned of more snow tonight. Bone-chilling lows, disappointing highs and the snow from two snow storms ago is STILL hanging around.  The days are getting longer but not warmer. I'm sick of COLD!

But I'm not going out any more than I have to.  I'm not going to try to be brave and try to pick into that rock hard soil. The garden is going to wait until it finally warms up.

We have cycles for a reason.  You can't go on forever doing the same thing all the time.  If there weren't cycles we'd never haul ourselves out of our ruts.  I do think that one has to practice patience while enduring the current part of the cycle.  One must also take advantage of each new cycle and not try to hang back in the last one.

I feel like I'm caught between two different cycles, (no, not "wash" and "rinse").  The weather outside is one cycle, the "time of life" I'm in the other.  All my kids are in school. I'm doing a lot of Cub Scout work, not just in my den but on the district level. The cycles are overlapping. I change in one, but not the other and then I find myself wrong-footed, like missing a step in high heels.

I'm in a weird place and I'm trying to sort things out. I know the blog posts here have been few and far between.  Even further between on my neglected book blog.  I don't know where my blogs are going to fit in the upcoming cycles, or if they should even be there for that matter.  I started them back when my youngest was an toddler. I was stuck in the house, had very little disposable income and was looking for a hobby that didn't cost anymore than what was already being paid for on our meager budget.  Our budget is a little bigger now, and so are our kids, and so are the expenses that go along with them, so we STILL don't have much disposable income.  Where I help out in the community is mostly through time, not money. So often I don't spend my time here now.  I hate to give up an old friend though. "Know what I mean Vern?"

Until I finally make a decision about this part of my life's cycle, I'll try to check in weekly but can't make any promises.  I hope my bloggy buddies will check in and leave a note once in a while, who I suspect are in similar cycle changes, just so we know you're alive.

In the meantime, I'm going to throw another hoody on because one part about my current life cycle is that I can't stay warm while I'm in the house!

Have a good Monday.

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Pam said...

Well I hope your blog doesn't come to a complete stop, where would I get my humor from then?