Friday, February 1, 2013

Cub Stuff: Pocket Rockets

Well, apparently if you go to Cub Scout Roundtable consistently, you get asked to help train den leaders at Cub Scout Roundtable.  So I'm going to "Do My Best".  I've been busier than a one arm paper hanger and I'm not even going to be there this month because my pack decided to do our annual Blue and Gold Banquet on Roundtable night. (C'mon guys, work with me here!)

But I'm sure the folks that have looked at my other Cub posts, resulted in the sidebar being filled with Cub posts there on the left, I figured they might be looking for more stuff to do, so here you go!  I just hope they don't come to my Roundtable because here I've gone and spoiled the surprise.  Anyway, these aren't just good for Cub Scouts.  My nieces and nephews enjoyed a version of these that involved paper towel tubes at a family camp over a year ago so I think it's all good.


Materials for Each Scout:  One empty toilet paper tube, one rubber band, one 12” ruler or dowel.

Other supplies: Construction paper, paper hole puncher, markers/crayons, scissors, glue/tape.

Punch a hole on opposite sides of one end of the T.P. tube. Make one cut in a rubber band so it looks like a strip instead of a loop.


 Thread the ends of the rubber band through the holes and tie ends in knots. The rubber band can be loose across the top of the tube or stretched tight. (You can experiment to see which way makes the rocket go farther!)

Draw animal faces, or color and cut out the ones provided, on construction paper and attach to the tube with glue or tape.  Give your pet a name!  Try adding fins or wings to your tube.


 Insert the ruler/dowel into the tube with one hand, pull the tube down with the other hand stretching the rubber band on the end of the ruler/dowel. DON’T POINT YOUR ROCKET AT PEOPLE OR ANIMALS!  Let the tube go and watch it fly! See how far/high you can make the rocket go!


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