Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cub Stuff: The Glow Room!

I didn't want to leave you hanging on the other part of our Cub Scout Blue and Gold "Mad Scientist" Banquet.  I set up this room as a place for the kids to go hang out before the banquet started and in between activities.  Before anyone could come in here, everyone had to put on a name badge with a mad scientist name.  I can't remember too many but I do remember one of our committee members ended up with "Elly Entropy".

I'm still working with a point and shoot camera that doesn't shoot well. I miss my good camera (RIP). Maybe someday I'll have enough for a decent camera again, but it won't be soon. erg!

If you missed my post on the glow slime/putty, just click on over here.

My glow table with normal light. Eh. No biggie.

In UV light. Much better.  The drink bottles had different things in them that would fluoresce under black light.  By keeping the "specimens" in bottles, the kids could look at them without actually handling the objects and making a mess.

The slime/putty really lit up well under the black light. I only had a few leftover at the end of the night and my daughter took some to her before-school science class.

I covered the table with gift wrap (wrong side up) and left my more glowy highlighters out for the kids to "make their own mark".  The Cubmaster wrote, "Stephen Hawking was here!"  By end of the night the table was covered in messages.


Pam said...

BOY your theatre training has really been put to use and so has your teacher training. I'll bet your troops love you!!! WELL DONE!

Amy said...

This is AWESOME! I might have to steal it. . .that is, if I'm ever in Scouts :) Or, for a really cool birthday party!

Anonymous said...

The slime turned out great and can entertain 4 year olds for an extended time. Yay! for slime.