Monday, January 7, 2013

Monday Musings: A new year in spite of it all

The ancient Mayan ghosts are probably laughing:  "They fell for it!  If it's carved in stone, people will believe it!"

Okay only some people fell for it.  I certainly did not change any of my plans for the end of the era Mayan calendar hooha.

And part of the "fiscal cliff" was averted, or rather, postponed.  Only time will tell if it sinks us in another recession.  Maybe it will only squeeze our budgets a little, maybe a lot.  Who knows? 

Predictions are fun to make though, aren't they?  Let's see what I can come up with.

2013 prophecies, prognostications and predictions, or rather, totally off the wall, baseless, rumor-starting tripe:

1.  Congress will get it's act together, balance the budget, fix the immigration problem and give back the last decade of raises they gave themselves.

2.  All those celebrities that look like they are in their twenties but are supposed to be in their forties and fifties will turn to dust once once they are exposed as being aliens from Saturn that use celebrities bodies to infiltrate our society in an effort to turn us into obedient slaves.

3.  Cable tv stations will go out of business when people realize that all those reality shows AREN'T reality.

4.  Someone is finally going to figure out how to make a Star Trek-like transporter work.

5.  Someone will create a dryer that doesn't eat odd socks.

6.  Someday this year I will learn to love vegetables.......Nah, that's too farfetched. Disregard.

7.  Someone will replicate another Christopher Reeve from the original DNA and we'll finally have a REAL Superman movie worth seeing.

8.  My almost sixteen year old daughter will learn to drive a stick.......I hope.  I'm praying.

9.  My kids will learn how to get along without my intereference in the form of, "If you can't say something nice, SHUT UP!"

10.  Society at large will start ignoring "non-news" items such as which celebrities are having babies, getting divorced, or getting married to who-knows-what, getting what tattooed on their you-know-wheres, etc.  Reporters will be forced to stick to real news, like where to get that ultra fuel efficient car that you KNOW someone has developed but is hiding because the oil companies have a contract out on their lives.

Okay, it's your turn. Make a prediction. Go ahead! It's fun!


Lourie said...

Are you just as scared as me about the 16 year old thing? It's not just the driving either! It's the dating too! Aaack! And she is counting! Yeesh!

I totally wish we would have another Christopher Reeve and Transporters! Awesomeness! And while we are at it: Replicators and Halodecks please.

Pam said...

GEEEEEEE if a Big TV costs 1000 dollars, how much would a halodeck put you back, outer space?
I saw on TV last night a TV made in DENMARK for 10,000 dollars!!!
So which one of you out there is going to go in debt for that Cadillac of big screens?

Amy said...

Love this! Thanks for the laugh!