Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Musings: The knotty list

Knots can be very handy or very troublesome. Here are the "naughty" ones.

1.  When you accidentally pull the wrong way on your bow-tied sweat pants and you end up making a tight knot just when you desperately need to go to the bathroom.

2.  When you have to disconnect something on your computer desk and all the wires behind the desk have conspired to create a labyrinthine mess with an eerie resemblance to the Los Angeles freeway system.

3.  You've bundled up your little ones, including snugging down their hoods. They spend a good hour in squishy wet snow and now they want to come in and they've managed to take everything off EXCEPT the hood and the knots under their chins are wet, icy, and tight.

4.  You've tied the straps on your trampoline pads in an effort to keep them on in the growing windstorm, but somehow, they come untied anyway.

5.  That disappearing knot trick you've been practicing for days, ends up as a tangled mess the first time you try to do it for someone.

Your turn. What ties you up in knots?

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